• We are a broker in NPL investment market offering local and international purchasers an access to CEE sellers of banking and non-banking debt portfolios.
  • We review debt collection strategies recommended by servicers and monitor the efficiency of debt servicing companies on an ongoing basis to maximise returns for investors.
  • We can deploy existing servicing platform as a main servicer or a co-servicer for benchmarking purposes.
  • Our goal is to transform debt portfolios into assets generating above average IRRs.

Who we are

We have been pioneers in NPL investment market in Poland since it emerged in early 2000 and we have got many years of experience in NPL market in sourcing, servicing and purchasing NPL portfolios, as well as in M&A transactions. We represent investors in NPL market during the entire investment cycle from initial assessment of targets, through valuation, due diligence, negotiations of purchase agreements to selection of servicers and agreements on servicing terms.


Artur Górnik


Artur has over 20 years of experience in the debt management sector in Poland.
He is founder and former CEO of Kredyt Inkaso (from 2001 until 2012), the first debt portfolio investment company in Poland. During his tenure as CEO of Kredyt Inkaso, the company acquired 110 debt portfolios of the face value of PLN 3.3. bn.

Artur conducted due diligence on a dozen debt collection companies in CEE.
Pioneer in implementing strategies followed by other market participants:

– legal debt collection strategy (including e-court),
– raising financing for debt purchases from capital markets,
– establishing of sub-participation arrangements,
– establishing tax optimised securitization funds in Luxembourg.

Artur was responsible for 26 bond issues, the IPO and SPOs of Kredyt Inkaso, the first debt investment company, at the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Artur is a graduate of Law Faculty at Maria-Curie Skłodowska University in Lublin and he holds an MBA degree from Leon Koźmiński University.


Łukasz Boroń

Deputy CEO

Łukasz has over 15 years of experience in M&A transactions and in capital markets, gained in international advisory firms and the banking sector. Worked for KPMG Corporate Finance in Warsaw, Erste Group Bank AG in Vienna and Erste Securities Polska SA.

Led multiple advisory projects, including significant assignments in NPL market:

– acquisition advisory in a project for a leading international debt management company,
– M&A projects for a leading CEE debt management company,
– advisory to debt purchasers in debt portfolio transaction sourcing,
– corporate bond issues for issuers in Poland and Western Europe.
Acted as CFO and CEO of PKP CARGO (second largest rail cargo company in EU) and conducted the company’s IPO at the Warsaw Stock Exchange (market cap. of PLN 4 bn).

Łukasz is a graduate of Finance and Banking Faculty from Warsaw School
of Economics and he holds an MBA degree from IMD Lausanne (Switzerland).



We are a private company, independent from any debt portfolio investor.

No conflict of interests

We do not invest in debt portfolios, there is no conflict of interest with debt
portfolio investors, and servicers co-investing with debt purchasers.


Key team members have many years of experience in soft and legal collection
of NPLs, debt portfolio valuation and transactions as well as financing of debt
portfolio purchases.

Market insight

We know the NPL market in Poland and CEE, local standards, legal aspects,
sellers, debt servicers, NPL transactions and how to raise financing.

Existing scalable platform

We have established operational platform which can serve as a main servicer
or co-servicer. Our business model has incorporated scalability of our activities
in Poland and in CEE.


Our value proposition is a transparent approach towards investors to maximise
their returns in the long run.

Complete offering

We match the sellers and the purchasers, identify acquisition targets, prepare
valuation, co-ordinate due diligence, structure transactions, advise in selection of
a servicer including a legal firm, debt collection strategies and monitor debt servicers.

Our services

Mission of DEBT PORTFOLIO INVESTMENT SERVICES is to offer complete independent professional services to debt portfolio purchasers.

Market monitoring

Ongoing monitoring of public and private sale transactions of banking and nonbanking NPLs in CEE markets.

Transaction facilitation

Identification of NPLs for sale and liaising with sellers and investors to initiate and facilitate transactions.

Portfolio valuation

Valuation of debt portfolios based on financial models, historical data on collection curves and expert knowledge of the team members.

Due diligence

Support in due diligence process: co-ordination of due diligence advisors, identification of key risks,
assessment of the of key risks’ impact on valuation, recommendation how to mitigate risks identified.

Bidding strategy

Price recommendation and bidding strategy taking into account due diligence findings, valuation as well as transaction dynamics and competitive landscape.

Collection strategy

Recommendation of debt collection strategies and selection of debt service agencies and debt portfolio servicing contract negotiations.

Contract negotiation

Support in drafting NPL purchase contracts, transaction structuring. Support in structuring contracts with servicers to minimise risk through avoidance of clauses entitling a debt servicer to unreasonable or off the market remuneration at the expense of investor.

Monitoring of DCAs

Ongoing monitoring of third party debt servicers, including: monitoring of the implementation of debt collection strategies, efficiency of the debt collection strategies, recommendation of modification of debt collection strategies.

Securitization and leverage

Assistance in establishing securitization funds, selection of partners and leveraging the investments. Advisory in identification of co-investors and external financing through corporate bond issues.

Our capabilities

Our employees have many years of experience in debt collection market which enables us to provide debt portfolio sourcing and debt portfolio investment advisory. We do our best to transform debt portfolios into assets generating above average IRRs from collection. Besides our expert knowledge, we have excellent market understanding and we have been cooperating with debt collection companies equipped with state of the art call centres and tailor made dedicated software, to maximise efficiency of debt collection process. We have been cooperating with renowned law firms, which specialize in debt collection through legal means. Moreover we are in contact with the best bailiffs across the country, who provide professional and efficient bailiff support in the process of debt collection, at the same time minimising the reputational risk for debt portfolio investors.


Please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience. We will be pleased to arrange a conference call
or a meeting in person to discuss your needs.


Unii Square,
Building B
Puławska 2 Street
02-566 Warsaw, Poland

PL +48 22 22 17 000
UK +44 20 3034 2243